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Cleveland Equipment
3889 E. Raines Rd.
Memphis, TN 38118

Phone: 866.888.6327
Fax: 800-475-8915

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 Cleveland Equipment and Machinery Company specializing in piston fillers carton sealers and bag sealers

We are the leader in .......

" Economical Entry Level Packaging Equipment "

Product Categories

Dry Product Weigh Fillers

Dry Product Weigh Fillers

Liquid & Paste Piston Fillers

Carton Sealers

Carton Sealers

Band Sealers

Continuous Band Sealers

Box Erectors
Box Erectors

Label Dispensers

BottleMatic Label Dispenser

Roll Bag Sealers

Roll Bag Sealers

Shrink Wrappers

Shrink Wrapper

Hot Code Printers

Hot Code Printer

Shrink Tunnels

Shrink Tunnels

L-Bar Sealer

L-Bar Sealer

Vacuum Sealers

Vacuum Sealers

Foot Sealer

Foot Sealer

Impulse Sealers

Hand Impulse Sealers

Siphon Fillers

Cleveland Expands International Market

July 1, 2013, Memphis TN

Cleveland Equipment & Machinery expanded its service base internationall this year by attending the Expo Pack show in Mexico City in June. This was a great year for us at Expo Pack Mexico City 2014, and we had a wonderful time meeting existing and new customers alike.

Our staff shared their expertise and experience in the packaging industry with our partners and customers and gain valuable insight and advice, as well. Cleveland Equipment has an extensive line of small production equipment for dry powders, granuals, liquid, pastes, gels and more. Every product is unique and here at Cleveland, we help you determine what will work logistically with your product and your facility. Through excellent customer service, we strive to deliver uncompromised service to the small and medium sized businesses that are just growing their production lines. We strive for excellence and keep our customers updated with the most current and innovative products on the market.

Cleveland Equipment & Machinery is the leader in economical entry level packaging equipment, including box taping machines, box erectors, piston fillers, bag sealing equipment, vacuum sealers, shrink systems, weigh fillers for dry products, as well as other packaging equipment. We would love the opportunity to assist you in your equipment needs. Please visit for more information on pricing, video demos, and other specifications for our economically priced equipment.