Bottle Capping Machine

Bottle Capping Machine

When it comes to upgrading your processing to semi-automatic or automatic packaging equipment, you’ve come to the right place. At Cleveland Equipment, we have affordable and efficient bottle capping machines to help your small business improve its operations in an economical way.

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    This bottle capping machine is ideal if you work with pills, coated capsules, or other tablets. And since different types of products require different industrial needs, this capper machine can fill everything from plastic bags to bottles.

    Adjust the bottle height if need be, as well as the torque to best suit your preferences. And since this capping equipment is hand-held and sleek in design, it’s simple to use for any purpose. Plus, don’t worry about cap breakage thanks to the rubber on the bottom of the machine.

    With convenience and efficiency like this, not to mention a stainless steel and aluminum alloy frame, you can’t go wrong with this bottle capping machine.

    Here are some specifics when it comes to this capping equipment, as well as some reviews:

    • Cap type: screw cap
    • Cap diameter: 30mm ~ 60mm
    • Capping speed: 20~30 bottles/ min
    • Air pressure requirement: 2~5kg
    • Voltage: 110V / 60Hz
    • Amperage: 5A
    • Power: 180W
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    This semi-automatic capper machine has speeds of 20-25 bpm, and is designed for 22-110 mm screw caps and bottle heights ranging from 50-260 mm. With an adjustable capping height (as well as speed), this screw capping machine has the flexibility you need.

    Featuring a stainless steel body along with stainless steel stand and casters, this machine has the strength and durability your process requires. Additional benefits to this design are such features as a sensor detection system. This means that if there is no bottle, then no capping occurs.

    This machine also has a microprocessor, enabling user-friendly control, as well as an emergency stop button.

    It is important to note that caps have to be fed manually into this machine. It should not be washed down. Instead, it needs to be wiped down when cleaning. Here is some additional information and reviews pertaining to this bottle capping machine:

    • Capping speed: 20-25 bpm
    • Suitable for 22-110 mm screw cap
    • Bottle height: 50-260 mm
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    When it comes to convenience, you can’t do much better than this hand-held electric capping machine. It is easy to carry, and is mainly used for easy screwing (tightening) and unscrewing (loosening) of the cap.

    Since the design has an adjustable clutch, it is suitable for all kinds of strength bottle capping work. Applying to bottle cap ranges of 10-50 mm, and single production capacities of up to 30-90 bottles / min, this convenient device is also highly effective.

    Here are a few more details pertaining to this bottle capping machine, as well as some reviews to consider:

    Capping diameter : 10-50mm
    Production capacity: 15-20 bottles / minute (depending on proficiency)
    Bottle Height: not limited
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