Inkjet Code Printers

Inkjet Code Printers

If you're looking for inkjet date code printers, you came to the right place. Cleveland Equipment sells semi-automatic and manual inkjet date coder machines. Whatever your need for a date code printing machine, we have you covered.

What is a Date Code Printer Machine

Inkjet date coder printers can print on any material, such as plastic, wire, paper, cable, resin, metal, glass, and many more. Also known as lot code printers, these machines are commonly used to print expiration dates, barcodes, or lot numbers. 

For instance, if your facility boxes items, either for storage or shipment, the boxes likely need to be labeled. One of these box printers will get the job done nicely. And since we offer case printers in a range of sizes, case coding has never been easier. From large carton printers to small parcel printing, our inkjet date coder machines will make your operation more efficient.

Examples of Lot Code Printers

One of our most popular lot code printers is the CE-41C, and for good reason. Our CE-41C Semi-Automatic Lot Code Printer is an ideal choice if you need to print lot numbers. However, expiration dates or other information is just as common. Typically, this lot code printer is ideal for plastic, paper bags, or other packaging material. 

This reliable inkjet date coder machine is small and, lightweight, weighing a mere 31 pounds. And even though it takes up such little space, it has some impressive features. By letting you trace your products with date codes or other information, this small but mighty machine is all you need. 

And when it comes to options, this lot code printer comes with various numbers and letters for imprinting. And if that isn’t enough, we have additional numbers and letters in stock. Capable of printing a five–line area, the 120W CE-41C can print 20 to 70 pieces a minute.

Another example of a popular date code printing machine is our lightweight Manual Coding Machine. Weighing just 9 pounds, this powerful code printer machine can print 10 to 30 pieces per minute. Like our Semi-Automatic Lot Code Printer, it prints letters or numbers on plastic or paper bags.

If you prefer, you can include date codes, lot numbers, and expiration dates. Simply put, this lot code printer is an easy and inexpensive way to track your products.

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    Mount on any of our carton sealers!

    • CoPilot uses proven Xaar piezo technology resulting in razor-sharp print
    • Print up to .7″ of hi-resolution characters, bar codes, and logos at 185 dpi
    • CoPilot’s 4.3″ full color touchscreen
    • Compatible with Squid Ink’s easy-to-use Orion™ message software

     ** Ink not included with printer purchase

    The CoPilot Hi-Resolution Printing System utilizes oil-based inks for printing on a wide range of porous substrates.

    Not compatible with solvent-based inks / non-porous substrates.*

    ** Ink not included with printer purchase.
    ** Contact a sales rep to customize for your application.

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