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SGP Series


SGP Series Piston Fillers: Liquids, Paste & Creams

Our SGP Series Piston Fillers are non-electric piston fillers for use in wet environments. Designed for both safety and convenience, these paste and cream fillers can be set up and operated anyplace where electricity is not available or where there may be a safety concern. Ideal for handling chemical and flammable materials, these piston fillers use a foot pedal to trigger the fill cycle. We carry electricity-free liquid, cream and paste fillers that can handle up to 1,000 milliliters of product at Cleveland Equipment.

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  1. SGP-500 Piston Filler

    SGP-60 Piston Filler

    Our Price: $4,327
    Sale Price: $3,462

    0.34 - 2.0 oz / 10ml - 60ml Learn More
  2. SGP-120 Piston Filler

    SGP-120 Piston Filler

    Our Price: $4,427
    Sale Price: $3,462

    1.0 - 4.0 oz / 30ml - 120ml

    Learn More
  3. SGP-250 Piston Filler

    SGP-250 Piston Filler

    Our Price: $4,527
    Sale Price: $3,702

    1.5 - 8.5 oz / 45ml - 250ml Learn More
  4. SGP-500 Piston Filler

    SGP-500 Piston Filler

    Our Price: $4,627
    Sale Price: $3,702

    2.5 - 16.9 oz / 75ml - 500ml Learn More

4 Item(s)