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Bag Sealing Machines


Many industries use Continuous Band Bag Sealing Machines for mid to high-volume Mylar and Plastic Bag Heat Sealing. Cleveland Equipment offers from small tabletop to large continuous band bag heat sealers for large bag sealing. Our "two in one" small tabletop band bag sealer machines will convert from "horizontal to vertical" configuration. This eliminates the need for two machines like our competitor's offer. Please notice the "bag counter, digital thermostat" and stainless steel construction. These are the best entry level band bag sealer machines you will find. Two models are offered. The CE-2500 has an embosser for date coding and the CE-3000 has an ink wheel for more defined code printing. If your tired of using a hand or foot sealer this is your next step up. An initial investment in these machines can save you money and increase efficiency when it comes to bag sealing.

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  1. Solid Ink Coding Aerating/Air Suction
    Special Price $2,995.00 Regular Price $3,595.00
  2. The CE-5800-HVE Smart Ink-jet Printing Sealer is applicable to the sealing of small packages. The code spraying control operating system adopts the Linux operating system, which is free to open source. It is widely used worldwide with good portability, extremely stable system, extensibility and long-time steady running.
    Special Price $1,998.00 Regular Price $2,398.00
  3. with Emboss/Imprint Wheel

    98 % of 100

    Cleveland Equipment’s CE-2500 Continuous Band Sealer is an ideal Two-in-One Bag Sealer Machine!

    If you’re looking to streamline your operation, you’ve come to the right place. Our continuous band sealer machines can make your processes more efficient. Read on to learn a bit more about how a continuous bag sealer machine can benefit your operation.

    What is a Continuous Sealer?

    A continuous band sealer machine is a commercial appliance that uses heat and pressure to seal bags or packages. Also known as a conveyor sealer, a belt sealer, or a bag and seal machine, these machines simplify your processes. 

    Since conveyor belt heat sealers are automatic (or semi automatic), they can function on a continuous basis. This means that they require minimal input from an on-site operator, and can function according to their settings. The settings of a commercial bag sealer are adjustable, enabling you to seal a range of packages. 

    This results in a safer operation, since there is less potential for human error.

    If you’re in need of sealing pouches of different sizes, no problem. Specifically, if your operation only requires a small bag packaging machine, we have you covered. Regardless of size, each belt sealing machine applies a consistent and appropriate amount of heat and pressure. The result is an air-tight, hermetic seal.

    Benefits of a Conveyor Heat Sealer

    Consistency and efficiency are the most often touted benefits of incorporating a continuous band sealer into your workflow. But the benefits go on and on. For starters, continuous bag sealing machines add speed to your operation. If you have a high volume of bags or pouches to seal, a conveyor sealer will get the job done.

    Being in control of your speed also puts you in more control of your output. It’s easier to plan for the future if you have a firm grasp of your production rate. 

    The CE-2500 Continuous Band Sealer specifically makes use of both vertical and horizontal configurations. This means additional options and control over your workflow. It also eliminates the need for two machines. After all, facility space can be tight, and streamlining as much as possible is the goal. 

    Another specific detail pertaining to the CE-2500 is that it has an embosser wheel. This feature enables you to date or code your packaging on the spot. This keeps your operation organized and continuously up to date, leaving no room for confusion.

    Special Price $987.00 Regular Price $1,184.00
  4. Adjustable Steel Band Sealer Stand
    Adjustable Height is 34 inches to 40 inches.

  5. Parts Kit for the CE-2500-HVE Continuous Band Sealer

    Included in the parts kit for the CE-2500 HVE Continuous Band Sealer:
    Qty. Part# Description  
    2 910802 Guiding Belt (Rubber Belt with teeth) - 428x6x4mm
    2 910902 Sealing Belt (Teflon) – 770x15x0.2mm
    1 2500-EMBKit Embossing Kit
    1 W1 Potentiometer (Speed Dial)
    1 PCB2 Speed Regulating PCB
    Special Price $131.00 Regular Price $198.00
  6. with Ink Print Wheel

    99 % of 100


    Two in One Bag Sealer Machine!

    Horizontal / Vertical Configurations with Ink Print Wheel

    The CE-3000-HVE Continuous Band Sealer with built-in printer is a great bag sealer for small- and large-scale companies that want reliability and versatility at once. Featuring a unique configuration that allows it to sit both vertically or horizontally, this high-quality bag sealer also uses an electronic temperature control system and a speed adjusting transmission to give the user all the control. These top-quality machines are designed to work with bags up to 18 inches tall and even feature built-in solid-ink coding devices that print clear characters on the package in instant-dry permanent ink. Our band sealers can handle various types of plastics, including mylar, single or composed bags.

    The standard machine will seal a bag vertically 10"-18" H. With the height reducing bracket the machine will seal a bag vertically 4"-10.5" H.

    • Stainless steel
    • 3/8 in. Seal Width
    • Digital Temperature controller
    • Speed controlled conveyor 
    • Counter
    • Emergency stop switch
    • Ink Print Wheel
    • Minimum Vertical Bag Height - 4" with height adj bracket
          10" standard unit
    • Maximum Vertical Bag Height - 10."with height adj bracket
          18" standard unit
    • Optional Stainless Steel Stand ($275)
    Special Price $1,295.00 Regular Price $1,554.00
  7. Adjustable Steel Band Sealer Stand
    Adjustable Height is 34 inches to 40 inches.

  8. Includes:

    Qty.   Description Part#
    2     Guiding Belt (Rubber Belt with teeth) - 598x4.5x3.5mm 910801
    2   Sealing Belt (Teflon) – 810x15x.02mm 910903
    1   Printing Kit 3000-PRKit
    1   Potentiometer (Speed Dial) W1
    1   Speed Adjusting Board AP1
    2   Carbon Brush 3000-CB
    2   Printer Heating Element 3000-PHE
    1   Main Control Board AP3
    6   Drive Bands for printer 3000-DRB
    1   Black Ink Wheel 911005B
    1   Silicone Wheel 101530
    1   Silicone Letter Guard for Print Wheel 3000-SLG
    Special Price $208.00 Regular Price $340.00
  9. Rating:
    100 % of 100

    CE-4500HVE Vertical Band Sealer is a Vertical, Free Standing, Coding continuous band sealer that is suitable for sealing  stand up pouches, liquid-type products, and all types of thermoplastic materials and bags. Perfect for application in the food, medical, and cosmetic industries. The CE-4500HVE is  suitable for a wide range of bag heights with an adjustable sealing head and conveyor. Equipped with dry ink coding to print numbers or letters on the seal line.

    • Stainless Steel Construction
    • Digital Thermostat (not shown)
    • Product Counter (not shown)
    • 1/2 HP Motor
    • 2 Sets of Heating Blocks
    • Right Feed
    • Dry ink coding
    • 110 volt
    • 0-315”/min seal speed
    • 8mm seal width
    • 11.8” wide conveyor
  10. Rating:
    99 % of 100


    • Sealing Speed: 0-16 m/min
    • Sealing Width: 8-10 mm
    • Sealing Temperature: 0-300° C
    • Film Thickness: ≤.08mm
    • Max Bag Weight: ≤ 1kg
    • Max Conveyor Weight: ≤ 3kg
    • Horizontal Only
    Special Price $2,745.00 Regular Price $3,294.00
  11. Rating:
    100 % of 100

    Multi-purpose machine can be used for both polyethylene and barrier film applications. Sealing is accomplished by the material passing through two 10" heated bars separated by Teflon sealing bands.

    • Feed Direction
      • Right to Left
      • Left to Right

    • Seal Width
      • 3/8" or 3/4" standard; 1/8", 1/4", or 1/4" double seal optional

    • Sealing Capacity
      • 6 mil single thickness gusseted bags
      • 12 mil single thickness flat bags

    • Temperature Control
      • 600 ± 2 ºF

    • Speed
      • Variable speed up to 750 inches per minute
  12. 15" x 1/4" Seal

    The "E" Series Vacuum Sealers offers the MOST advanced electronic controls, the WIDEST size selection on the market at the MOST affordable prices, all built in the USA.
    Special Price $2,117.00 Regular Price $2,540.00
  13. The technologically advanced ACCVACS Vacuum Sealers are available in 2 variations — E-Series with electronic controls and these T-Series models with touch screen controls. These cleanroom-compatible devices feature password-protected multiple settings, overheating protection and a no-pinch safety jaw. There is also a 5 bag menu, vacuum gauge, stainless steel retracting nozzle and electronic foot switch with start and E-stop. ACCVACS general and medical vacuum sealers are all manufactured in the U.S.
    Special Price $4,015.00 Regular Price $4,818.00
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