CE-2500-HVE Continuous Band Sealer

with Emboss/Imprint Wheel
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Cleveland Equipment’s CE-2500 Continuous Band Sealer is an ideal Two-in-One Bag Sealer Machine!

If you’re looking to streamline your operation, you’ve come to the right place. Our continuous band sealer machines can make your processes more efficient. Read on to learn a bit more about how a continuous bag sealer machine can benefit your operation.

What is a Continuous Sealer?

A continuous band sealer machine is a commercial appliance that uses heat and pressure to seal bags or packages. Also known as a conveyor sealer, a belt sealer, or a bag and seal machine, these machines simplify your processes. 

Since conveyor belt heat sealers are automatic (or semi automatic), they can function on a continuous basis. This means that they require minimal input from an on-site operator, and can function according to their settings. The settings of a commercial bag sealer are adjustable, enabling you to seal a range of packages. 

This results in a safer operation, since there is less potential for human error.

If you’re in need of sealing pouches of different sizes, no problem. Specifically, if your operation only requires a small bag packaging machine, we have you covered. Regardless of size, each belt sealing machine applies a consistent and appropriate amount of heat and pressure. The result is an air-tight, hermetic seal.

Benefits of a Conveyor Heat Sealer

Consistency and efficiency are the most often touted benefits of incorporating a continuous band sealer into your workflow. But the benefits go on and on. For starters, continuous bag sealing machines add speed to your operation. If you have a high volume of bags or pouches to seal, a conveyor sealer will get the job done.

Being in control of your speed also puts you in more control of your output. It’s easier to plan for the future if you have a firm grasp of your production rate. 

The CE-2500 Continuous Band Sealer specifically makes use of both vertical and horizontal configurations. This means additional options and control over your workflow. It also eliminates the need for two machines. After all, facility space can be tight, and streamlining as much as possible is the goal. 

Another specific detail pertaining to the CE-2500 is that it has an embosser wheel. This feature enables you to date or code your packaging on the spot. This keeps your operation organized and continuously up to date, leaving no room for confusion.

CE-2500-HVE Continuous Band Sealer
CE-2500-HVE Continuous Band Sealer CE-2500-HVE Continuous Band Sealer CE-2500-HVE Continuous Band Sealer CE-2500-HVE Continuous Band Sealer CE-2500-HVE Continuous Band Sealer CE-2500-HVE Continuous Band Sealer CE-2500-HVE Continuous Band Sealer CE-2500-HVE Continuous Band Sealer CE-2500-HVE Continuous Band Sealer Embossed - Clear Bag CE-2500-HVE Continuous Band Sealer CE-2500-HVE Band Sealer Embossed - Black Bag CE-2500-HVE Band Sealer CE 2500 belt adjustment Embossed - White Foil Lined Bag CE 2500 belt adjustment Embossed - White Foil Lined Bag Installation of CE-1085 Nitro Flush Kit

CE-2500 Continuous Band Sealer for Sale

The CE-2500-HVE Continuous Band Sealer is a great choice for businesses that need reliable small-bag packaging. 

As mentioned, our CE-2500-HVE Continuous Band Sealer is a two-in-one machine that offers vertical or horizontal configuration. we understand that having options is crucial to your operation. For that reason, this continuous band sealer can handle bags from 4" to 10.5” in height. 

What’s more, this continuous band sealer uses an electronic constant temperature control system and a stepless speed adjusting transmission mechanism. Simply speaking, this machine can handle various types of plastics. 

Other features include: bag counter, digital temperature controller, breaker switch and emergency stop. Provides a 3/8” seal width and runs on a 110V power supply.

Here is a high-level glance at some of the other features the CE-2500 Continuous Band Sealer boasts:

  • Stainless steel
  • Easy Operation
  • Quick Warm Up
  • Seals any thermoplastic material
  • Digital Temperature Controller
  • Speed Controlled Conveyor
  • Counter
  • Emergency Stop Switch
  • Embosser Wheel
  • Minimum Vertical Bag Height - 3.5"
  • Maximum Vertical Bag Height - 10.5"
  • Optional Stainless Steel Stand ($275)

At Cleveland Equipment, we have most products in stock and ready for you to take advantage of. Reach out to our team of professionals to learn more about the CE-2500 Continuous Band Sealer. Or, learn about additional small bag packaging machines we offer. 

The bottom line is that a continuous band sealer will improve your operation today, in an economical way.

Parts Kit
Included with the CE-2500 HVE Continuous Band Sealer is a parts kit with the following:
Qty. Part# Description Included Parts
2 910802 Guiding Belt (Rubber Belt with teeth) - 428x6x4mm
2 910902 Sealing Belt (Teflon) – 770x15x0.2mm
1 2500-EMBKit Embossing Kit
1 W1 Potentiometer (Speed Dial)
1 PCB2 Speed Regulating PCB
More Information
Power Supply 110V / 60Hz
Sealing Speed 0-472 Inches/Minute
Temperature Range 0-300°C
Conveyor Size 38" x 7"
Conveyor Load Single: 2.2 lbs Max: 6.6 lbs
Seal Width 8mm
Minimum Vertical Bag Height 3.5"
Maximum Vertical Bag Height 10.5"
Print Specs Character Size: 3 X 4 X 9mm / 18pt
1 Line Embossing
3 Sections w/ 14 Characters/Line
Amperage 700W 6.3A
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Machine Weight 65 lbs
Ship Weight 69 lbs
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CE-2500HVE-Operation Manual
Customer Questions
How do you use a bag sealer?

Check out our video to operate the CE-2500-HVE Continuous Band Sealer for bag sealing applications.

What is a sealing machine used for?
Many industries use continuous band sealers for mid- to high-volume bags or film sealing of stand up pouches, liquid-type products, and all types of thermoplastic materials and bags. Cleveland Equipment offers a variety of band sealers, and each is able to seal single or composed bags or film with a thickness of up to 20 mils.
What is sealing temperature?
Heat is applied to the outside surface of the film and transfers inward, melting the sealant. The seal initiation temperature is the minimum temperature at which seal strength is obtained.
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