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Shrink Wrappers

The All-in-One Shrink Wrapper from Cleveland Equipment provides small companies an affordable way to shrink wrap their products. Due to the machine’s well-engineered configuration, it takes just one operator to run it, saving time and labor costs. The All-in-One has a loading area for placing the product inside the film before sealing it. Then the operator places the product in the sealing area. After sealing’s finished, the machine blows hot air on the product to shrink the film around it. The operator can control the sealing time as well as the temperature of the air.

This shrink wrapper is suitable for POV, POF and PVC shrink films. It requires 220V power and can accommodate a maximum package size of 22” x 16” x 12”.

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  1. CEFQL-380 L-Bar Sealer

    CEFQL-380 L-Bar Sealer

    Our Price: Starting at $399

    L-bar sealers use center fold film to protect your products and give them an attractive, professional look. Cleveland Equipment's CEFQL380 L-Bar Sealer is easy to use and to maintain and is an excellent L-sealer for many types of products. Weighing 77 pounds, this machine can handle maximum sealing dimensions of 19.65" x 13.75". It's small enough to set up on a tabletop or desk. Learn More
  2. All-in-One Shrink Wrapper

    All-in-One Shrink Wrapper

    Our Price: $1,899


    Finance for as low as


    .The All-in-One Shrink Wrapper is a one-operator shrink wrap machine to wrap your products economically. Learn More

2 Item(s)