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Auger Fillers

Cleveland Equipment has a number of machines that can be highly customized to meet your application needs. We work closely with you to understand your specifications and work tirelessly to optimize performance of your customized equipment. Cleveland Equipment understands that one size does not fit all and we have the willingness and ability to address every application. We offer free evaluation and testing for your sample products, bags and containers. Cleveland Equipment welcomes the opportunity to work along side you as we find a solution.

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  1. 350 Series Auger Filling Machine

    350 Series Auger Filling Machine

    The 350 Series auger fillers are capable of running most free flowing products. Contact Cleveland Equipment today to discuss your product needs.

    • Menu Driven Control Program (Setup, Select, Status, Test)
    • Dedicated Function Keys
    • PLC with Integrated HMI
    • Adjustable Recycle Time
    • 5 Product Memory Storage
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1 Item(s)