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SGF Series


SGF Series Gear Fillers: Liquids Only

Cleveland Equipment's SGF Series of gear fillers has been designed for liquids only. This is a fully electric machine, and is not designed for wet environments. Quickly package liquids with these reliable SGF Series Gear Fillers. The SGF Series gear filler lets you precisely control filling times and flows for expert accuracy and reliability. Each SGF Series liquid filler operates with a foot pedal that begins the fill cycle. We offer two SGF models - the SGF-2, a 1 milliliter to 1.4-liter capacity gear filler, and the SGF-1, a 5 milliliter to 10-liter filler.

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  1. SGF-2 Gear Filler

    SGF-2 Gear Filler

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    (Min) 1ml - (Max)1.4 Liters Learn More

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