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Hand Sealers

Cleveland Equipment’s Impulse Heat Sealers are for you if you have a job that requires an airtight seal. These hand-operated impulse heat sealers ensure an airtight, watertight seal for autoclaving and sterilization. They work with polyethylene, Pliofilm, PVA, polyurethane, Kel-F, polyvinyl chloride, PolyFlex, Saran, polypropylene, Mylar and Nylor.

Impulse Heat Sealers

Impulse Hand Sealers

We offer our impulse heat sealers in sizes ranging from 8” to 26”. We also carry replacement kits for each of these machines that include two heating elements and two Teflon cloths.


Made with solid, die-cast construction, these machines meet FDA production standards. They feature a compact, lightweight design, which makes them easy to handle and, they are simple to use. A visual heating display, variable temperatures and instant warm-up ensure that you’ll always get a strong, watertight seal.

Large Hand Sealer

Large Impulse Sealers  

For bigger objects, Cleveland Equipment also carries several Extra Large Hand Impulse Sealers. Available in 24” and 34” lengths, these sealers let you seal larger products and objects on a tabletop. Our AIE-600T and our AIE-800T have a round wire cut and seal type element. The AIE-600T2 has a 2 mm sealing element. All of these portable, extra-large hand impulse sealers have a carrying handle and a sealing timer.


E2000 G Vacuum Sealer

Medical Impulse Sealers

For medical use, Cleveland Equipment recommends the AIE-210C 8” Impulse Sealer. Specifically designed for the health-care industry, this impulse sealer makes an airtight, watertight seal on sterilization rolls and tubes. A built-in beeper alerts you when each seal is finished. This machine comes with a cutting device and a wide, 10 mm honeycomb-textured seal for high tensile strength. Though designed specifically for medical use, this quality machine works well for any other industry and application where a wide, strong seal is required.

L-Bar sealers are used with center fold shrink wrap film for effectively sealing products. Our hand operated impulse sealers are available in 8 inch to 24 inch models. We carry an 8 inch heat sealer that is specially designed for medical use. The foot operated heat sealer is made with a durable metal body and is intended for industrial use, while the PFS-500 aluminum impulse sealer is a hand-held unit with a built-in cutter and adjustable timer.

In addition to well-designed, high-quality heat sealers, you'll also find replacement element kits for several different heat sealer models at competitive prices. We are your number one source for your heat sealing needs.

Cleveland Equipment prides itself on superior customer service. If you have any questions about our heat sealers or other packaging systems, call us at 866-888-6327 to speak to one of our sales staff today.