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Dry Product Weigh Fillers


Cleveland Equipment offers an extensive line of dry product weigh fillers. We stock a variety of these machines, including linear weigh fillers, bulk weigh fillers, material conveyors, bulk filler systems , dual-lane weigh fillers and cascading weigh fillers.

Our CE-WF Series Linear Weigh Fillers feed your product from a hopper into a weigh bin using vibratory conveyors. Featuring computerized controls, these fillers give a fast feed into the bin until the amount delivered gets close to the weight desired. Then it slows down to a trickle feed to top off the product to the accurate final weight selected.

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  1. 8-20 Multi-Head Combination Weigh Fille

    8-20 Multi-Head Combination Weigh Fille

    • Maximum Speed: Up to 150 Weighs/Min
      (depending on Machine Model and Product)
    • Drive System: Advanced stepper motor control
    • HMI Control: Weinview 10" color touch screen
    • Actuators: Individual modular mother boards
    • Weigh Hoppers: 1.3 - 2.4L large radius corners
    • Contact Surfaces: Smooth stainless steel
    • Standard Electrical: 220v/20amp Single Phase
    • Dimensions: Approx. 48.2"L x 48.2"W x 54.3"H
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You can run these linear weigh fillers as stand-alone machines, using a foot pedal to control manual filling of preformed bags. Or you can connect these weigh fillers to automatic bagging machines.

Cleveland Equipment has a deep inventory of these linear weigh fillers in a variety of sizes, styles and prices so you can find the machine that fits your needs exactly. Our most basic model is the CE-1WF Linear Weigh Filler, with a single weigh head. Fitted with a 4.5-liter capacity weigh bucket, this filler features PLC controls, digital touch screen and 20-program memory.

All food contact parts are made of stainless steel. With an output speed of five to 25 deposits per minute, this single-head linear weigher has an accuracy of 1 to 3 grams.

Our S-7 Dual Lane Weigh Filler has been made to meet the needs of small to medium size companies that need high rates of speed, are blending products or want to integrate their fillers with automatic baggers. Perfect for weighing and packaging bulk nuts, seeds, grains, pet foods, grains, powders and more, the S-7 can make 600 to 1,500 fills per hour in a range from 0.5 ounces to 20 pounds.

Whatever you’re looking for in a weigh filler, Cleveland Equipment can help you find it.