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Air Cushion Machines

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  1. CE-ACS-E Air Cushion System

    CE-ACS-E Air Cushion System

    Our Price: $399

    • Power 110‐240V /50HZ 90W
    • Speed 3M/min 
    • Weight 2.5 KG
    • Size 16"L x 9"W x 8"H


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  2. CE-ACS-C Air Pillow System

    CE-ACS-C Air Pillow System

    Our Price: $899

    • Makes both air pillow and air bubbles.
    • All in one machine
    • Speed 18 meters per minute, max to 25 meters/min
    • Adjustable air volume, temperature, length
    • Only 5 kg weight, available for 110v ~ 240v
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  3. Filler™-Air Pillow Air Cushion Film

    Filler™-Air Pillow Air Cushion Film

    Our Price: $50

    • Multi-layer extrusion film, stronger protection.
    • Pro-environment: Environmental friendly, Recyclable.
    • Easy operation: inflate on MINI AIR machine, only need press start you can get what you need.
    • Save storage: inflate when you need, saving warehousing cost.5.
    • Different size: air bag, air tube, air bubbles, can match all your packing need.
    • Logo print available: can print your logo on the film roll 
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3 Item(s)