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Dry Product Conveyors

Cleveland Equipment’s CE-D1Z Material Conveyor has been designed for vertical lifting of granular material, including corn, grain, plastic and similar granular items. Conveyor chains move the container. This machine offers efficient vertical dispensing of granular material or small pieces. With a lifting speed of 2.5 to 5 cubic meters per hour, the CE-D1Z can handle large amounts of material, lifting it from 90.5” to 138”.

This 550W machine runs on 220V. Its dimensions measure 92” x 17” x 121”. All of the parts that contact food are made of food-grade plastic. As with all the equipment we sell, Cleveland Equipment offers this efficient machine at an exceptional price. If you have questions about this or any other product, simply get in touch with our friendly, knowledgeable staff. 

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  1. CE-D1Z Material Conveyor

    CE-D1Z Material Conveyor

    Our Price: $11,392
    Sale Price: $9,494


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    • Lifting height 90"
    • Lifting speed 2.5 - 5 cubic meter/hour
    • Power 550w Voltage 220v
    • Size 92"x17"x121" (2336x435x3070mm)
    • Specification The parts contacted with food are food grade plastic
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  2. CE-100 Groove Auger Conveyor

    CE-100 Groove Auger Conveyor

    Our Price: $10,655
    Sale Price: $8,879


    Finance for as low as


    The CE-100 Conveyor is a material transporter that is widely used in dairy, food, veterinary medicine and chemical e.g. Ideal applications are mainly used in transporting powdery, small block and granular material.

    • Auger Diameter: 4 inches
    • Pitch: 3.14 inches
    • Screw Speed: 140 rotations per minute
    • Throughput: 105 cubic feet per hour
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2 Item(s)